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Learn with Magnus

An old favorite of ours, Kingscrusher, has produced a highly instructional (and free) video featuring 12 year old Magnus Carlsen’s tactical prowess.  His first victim is an old friend of ours, multiple Irish Champion Colm Daly.

The playlist changes but look for ‘The Mozart of Chess’


New Season New Tournament … or is it just Blitzkreig?

Following Fisherwick CCs decision to withdraw from the UCU B&D League, we are canvassing interest in a new team tournament with the following format:

Entry: Free
1. One match night per month.

2. 6 match nights in the tournament, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar.

3. Rapidplay (25+5). Two matches per night. Total of 12 matches

4. Format 4 teams at same venue, venue to rotate to different clubs: Playing schedule can be made to accommodate teams with a small or no home venue.

5. Special Match Play format* Each team declares at the start of the season the number of boards it will play over e.g. Fisherwick 6, Newco 6, Newteam 4, Countryteam 3. Maximum 6, Minimum 3.  Match is played over the smaller number. Match points only in use.

(Explanatory Note: When Newco (6) play Countryteam (4) this will be over 4 boards.  When Fisherwick (6) play Newteam (6) this will be over 6 boards).  The intention is to accomodate new and small teams.

6. Captains Committee to act as arbiter and/or mediator.

Remember you only need two other players to form a team and you don’t need a home venue to play in this tournament.

Expressions of Interest in confidence to: Michael Waters

Fisherwick 3 – Ballynafeigh 2 2

   FISHERWICK            V       BALLYNAFEIGH 2
1 M WATERS           0     1    S JENSEN
2 J CAIRNS              1     0    D CUNNINGHAM
3 G FONG                1     0    R LAVERY
4 C ORMEROD         0     1    K KRUK              
5 N McFARLAND      1     0    D WILKINSON
RESULT                   3     2    (FISHERWICK WIN)
match report to follow